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Info de l'European Athletics: Nouveau web site en ligne!


L'European Athletics a mis en ligne son nouveau web site!

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European Athletics launches new website

European Athletics is pleased to announce the launch of its new website

Featuring striking new graphics and an easy-to-read page design, the website is responsive to the desktop, tablet and mobile screen it is being viewed upon.

It brings together all the latest news, photos, videos and social content related to European athletes and events and meetings.  It also features a comprehensive European calendar, latest results and athlete database.

European Athletics Director General Christian Milz said, “We are happy to present the impressive first stage of development for our new website.

“A sports federation website such as ours needs to have something for everybody: our Member Federations, fans, athletes, officials, media, local organising committees.

“We hope all our visitors will find it a useful source of information.

“The website will be constantly evolving, and we are, of course, looking forward to seeing it ‘in action’ during our events, when we will be providing live results from all our major championships.

“We will be using a live blogging tool during these events that brings together all the best news, photos, videos, statistics, social media and analysis into one place.

“We also aim to use in a more user-friendly and accessible way the huge amount of statistics that make our sport so rich.

“In these ways, we can improve the ‘second-screen’ experience of the traditional television fan of athletics and also connect with new fans.”

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Pour toutes remarques ou problèmes rencontrés sur le site, veuillez contacter Mélissa Gillet:

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